Friday, January 30, 2015

If 2014 Was the Year of Stolen Consumer Data, Are Corporate Secrets Next? 

 By Tom Scearce


Over the past few years, public cloud services have changed the way consumers and businesses think about files. For consumers, apps such as Dropbox make it easy and fun to store and share files with friends and family. At work, these services promise freedom from the tyranny of productivity-killing IT policies (such as email attachment size limits) and antiquated tools (such as file transfer protocol).
Tempering this newfound freedom is a growing awareness that  sensitive information is being stored or shared insecurely. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Security and contract concerns delay cloud adoption by EU businesses

John Whelan

Cloud computing allows businesses to store data.

Cloud computing allows businesses to store their data and carry out data processing in remote data centres, saving on average 10-20pc over the cost of installing their own IT storage.
But many business owners have concerns about using such systems, worried about everything from security to legal implications.
But a lack of knowledge is the main factor preventing businesses from using the cloud , according to the survey.
For those firms not using cloud services, insufficient knowledge was stated by 42pc of all firms across the EU as the main factor in 2014 preventing them from using this service. Another 37pc cited a risk of a security breach.
The trend towards using the cloud is clear and businesses should consider the advantages it can bring - from productivity to cost potential cost savings.
But it's evident that a lot more needs to be done to assuage concerns that businesses have. Once that's done, the take-up may be even swifter.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to protect your privacy in the cloud?

While cloud computing grows rapidly, increasing number of people prefer keeping sensitive data in cloud, and, as we know, Dropbox became the best-marketed and well-known one. That led to its becoming a target for malicious attacks.

Cloudifile – Your Personal Data Guard

Cloudifile is a powerful cloud encryption tool that adds a proven security level to Dropbox improving its simplicity and efficiency at the same time. 

The aim of developing new cloud security tool lies in the fact that cloud storage is not quite secure and that’s why it often becomes a target for malicious attacks. So, Cloud Labs developers decided to add extra security layer to Dropbox to protect user’s data and, in addition, to simplify the cloud synchronization process for the user's convenience. 

Thus, Cloudifile was created, a smart system that combines extra proven security layer and transparent cloud synchronization solution, and, in spite of that, it is totally free of charge and extremely easy-to-use.

Don't let your family data become public - use Cloudifile!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Enterprise Lessons From The iCloud Hack

The blogosphere was atwitter this Autumn with scintillating details about nude selfies and what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your phone. Blame has been assigned all around, from criticizing the exposed celebrities for being entirely too truthful with password reset answers to pointing the fingers at Apple for not doing more to protect data in the cloud. 

The reality is that this iCloud attack actually brings up very important considerations on data security, not only for consumers, but for any enterprise that uses the cloud.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Forrester Predictions 2015: 

The Days Of Fighting The Cloud Are Over


"Cloud computing is arguably one of the most disruptive fields ever in technology management. CIOs are a primary force driving the enterprise business technology (BT) agenda, so you need to understand near-term developments that will influence your strategy. The landscape for cloud computing changes quickly, so your BT agenda must adapt just as rapidly. Your business will earn an early mover advantage by keeping ahead of these changes. You will personally benefit profoundly as the leader responsible for that advantage."

By James Staten, Lauren E. Nelson, Dave Bartoletti, Liz Herbert, William Martorelli,  

Henry Baltazar with Glenn O'Donnell, Michael Caputo

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

 Join Cloudifile on LinkedIn - be aware of cloud security news!

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Cloudifile - Cloud Encryption and Automation Product.

Encrypt data, automatically move it to Dropbox, and virtualize traditional access.
Just a couple of clicks – and your data is protected and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Simplicity is half the battle

Cloudifile easily integrates into your file explorer, so you can just pick the data to protect - and our solution will care about the rest. Selected files will be securely encrypted and automatically sent to cloud, thus you don’t need to waste your time on manual data moving to Dropbox folder. We also virtualize traditional access to your data, so you can work with protected files at its usual locations just as before. Save your efforts – automate protection process with Cloudifile! You can set up rules for the new or existent folders and documents, according to which newly created or copied files will be automatically encrypted and synchronized with cloud.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Softpedia recommends Cloudifile for your cloud data protection

"A lightweight and user-friendly application that enables you to protect the files and folders you store and share on your Dropbox account."

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Are my files really safe if I store them in the cloud?


The days of keeping all your documents, photos and music on your computer's hard drive are gradually coming to a close. Today, cloud storage is helping to solve the ever-present need for more storage space to hold all of your digital property. But is all your personal data safe out there on the Internet?

Stephanie Crawford tried to find the answer!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Top 5 cybersecurity risks for 2015


From identity theft and fraud to corporate hacking attacks, cybersecurity has never been more important for businesses, organizations and governments.

Hacking experts warn there are plenty more security risks ahead in 2015 as cyber criminals become more sophisticated. While "traditional" cybercrime such as internet password fraud will still be widespread in 2015, larger scale espionage attacks and hacking the Internet of Things (IoT) will also be risks.
CNBC take a look at the biggest threats to your online world in 2015. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Six cloud security predictions for 2015

 SC Magazine published  an article, devoted to cloud security.

This year is already being branded the “year of the breach.” A year continual breach and surveillance headlines shaking both enterprise and consumer confidences, is driving more urgent security discussions, especially across the cloud landscape. Given the cloud's rapid adoption – to which no end seems to be in sight – what trends will drive the market forward in the coming months to bolster data security?

Given the ever-evolving world of cloud security, here are predictions on what we can expect for the cloud security market in 2015.